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Moody Words by osheen khan

 Moody ka matlab pata bhi hai? moody ya hota hai? Moody person matlab jo sirf dil ki sune, iska naata zehen se nahi hota kyonki zehen me jo baate hoti hai sada waisi hi rehti hai pr dil kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch kehta hai. Moody log samajhte hai ki jab jab unka dil kuch krne ko kehta haiwo rab ka farmaan hota hai wo maante hai ki unke dil me rab hai, kabhi koi baat unhe galat lagti to kabhi wahi baat unhe sahi. ye sab waqt ka khel hota hai, moody log sada ek tarah nahi rehte, waqt ke saath aap unme badlaav dekh sakte hai, bas jo unka dil kare, jab unka dil karein, wo tab wahi karte hai. -Osheen Khan


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MS-OK stand for "Miss Osheen Khan".
Osheen is a thinker (Deep thinker), she loves living in visualization,
 Just think what Osheen wants to do Does and at the same time the
 same thing happens to her. For this she considers herself blessed with God.

She thinks that what a person thinks is exactly what happens to that person. 
she loves to create new thing.
She believes that her strength is her laughter because whenever she is
 unhappy she is a needless figure. He feels relaxed and happy and she 
gets a positive vibes to do something else good.
professionally she is a computer programmer and very ambitious 
about her work. 
She believes that nothing is ever wrong or never right, 
she depends on the time.

Because sometimes someone feels something is wrong, but after
 some time, that person can do the same themselves, because 
then he feels that they are right

Osheen Khan "Oshi"

She lives happily, and does what feels good. Just listens to 

your heart, Because he believes that Allah is in the heart of 
every human being, if the heart is clean then you are following t
he right path.

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